Why we plant. 

Providence Church is all about glorifying God by making, growing, and unleashing disciples of Christ. God commanded us to fulfill this mission and he even gave us the method in which to do it- plant disciple making churches! A commitment to a multiplication of churches  moves us from the mind set of adding to our own numbers and into the world of multiplying our impact. That’s why planting churches is at the heart of our strategy at Providence. We believe that disciples make churches and churches make disciples.

This isn’t a new focus for us and we have quite a family of churches that are also in the business of making disciples this way. Each year, Providence Church is seeking to plant both domestic and international churches by identifying and funding indigenous planters around the world, raising up our own members to go and making disciples, as well as taking on church planting residents to train and send out with a team of Providence members to plant churches. All of these efforts make up the Providence Planting Network. The PPN is a family of like minded churches seeking to plant more churches. Check out our Providence Planting Network website to learn more and be connected with our church planting initiatives.