Birth - Kindergarten

Our children are our most important responsibility, which is why in Creation Station, we don't just watch your kids: we point them to Jesus, and equip parents to be successful disciple makers.
From birth up to Kindergarten, Creation Station is the place where kids at Providence can begin to learn who God is, and how much he loves them. Each of our age-group rooms is a stop along a train journey though the days of creation, and you'll see each day represented in the theme of each stop. You can learn a little about each Stop below!

When you join us for the first time, head to the left in our atrium and stop at the Creation Station desk - it's the one that looks like a big red caboose. We'll take the time to get to know you and find out how we can best serve you and your young children, and give you all the information you need to feel good about entrusting your kids to us for the morning. 

StopS 1 & 2

Each room in the Creation Station hall is called a Stop. Our first two stops are for our youngest  children, where background-checked and caring volunteers rock and play with these brand new additions to your family.  When you meet us for the first time, we'll get to know you and your child's needs, and  check in your child with a unique name-tag, so only you can pick them up when it's time to head home!

Stops 3 & 4

When your child is crawling and exploring, our Stop 3 and 4 volunteers are there to help them navigate their wide-eyed world. Age-appropriate toys and lots of interaction help these kids feel safe and at home while parents are attending a worship service, or serving in another Providence environment. 

Stops 5-6
& Kindergarten

Next stop: discipleship!  Kids are able to participate in simple Bible stories, and fun activities that reinforce the truth that God made us, and loves us. 


The mission of the Providence Children's Ministry is summed up in four words: Rooted In the Faith. We strive to introduce kids to God's word on their level, and to introduce them to Jesus as their friend. We believe our role in the mission of Providence is to begin the process of making disciples, preparing kids to encounter more and more of who God is as they grow into students and adults. We're all about nourishing roots that will grow deep into the good soil of a heart that trusts Jesus.

Learn more about our pathway for discipleship.

Lead through serving

Make, grow, and unleash the next generation of disciples for Christ.