Kids & Students 

A Pathway For Discipleship

Allow us to introduce you to our mission.
Providence Church exists to Make, Grow, and Unleash Disciples of Jesus. In short, that means that we believe the point of a church is for people to follow Jesus, be changed by Jesus, and be on mission with Jesus. That doesn't just happen - it takes a process.

Our kids and student ministries work in tandem on this mission. 
From birth to young adulthood, we strive to lay down a pathway for parents and kids to grow as disciples of Jesus. When we work together, following the Bible and trusting the Holy Spirit, kids can experience a process that builds them up, one brick at a time. Or, to use a metaphor from the Bible: they are planted by water, their roots grow deep, and their branches reach for the sky.

Birth - Kindergarten

At Creation Station, kids discover God's story for the first time, and learn that God loves them!

1st - 4th Grade

On Discovery Street, kids actively engage the Bible with purposeful fun and growing relationships.

5th - 6th Grade

In FX, kids discover that their identity is found in God, who made them, and is still making them who they are.

7th - 8th Grade

In Midway, students dig deeper into the the life of a disciple of Jesus as they encounter new challenges.

High School

At The Gathering, students are challenged to grow up in their faith as they approach adulthood.


Young adults find support to navigate life as followers of Christ, following his call to discipleship.