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Providence Church is a collection of people from many backgrounds, people like you. Are you a long-time follower of Jesus? Have you been religious but only recently started asking serious questions about your faith? Have you never been part of a church before? Come on in. Bring your bow tie or your tshirt. Your tattoos or your comb-over. It’s not the outside that counts. Whoever you are, Providence is a great place for you to connect with God, connect with others, and make a difference.

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The Gospel of Luke: A Jesus for Everyone These days, we're confronted with all kinds… More

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Christmas at the Movies Week 2: It’s a Wonderful Life

In our second week of Christmas at the Movies, Teaching Pastor Chad Sparks takes a look at the classic Christmas film “It’s a Wonderful Life.” Chad asks the question that all of us ask at one time or another… “Do I matter?” George Bailey comes face to face with that question in the movie. What […]

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