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Providence Church is a collection of people from many backgrounds, people like you. Are you a long-time follower of Jesus? Have you been religious but only recently started asking serious questions about your faith? Have you never been part of a church before? Come on in. Bring your bow tie or your tshirt. Your tattoos or your comb-over. It’s not the outside that counts. Whoever you are, Providence is a great place for you to connect with God, connect with others, and make a difference.


Ask anyone how they feel about their life. They might tell you things aren’t going… More

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Upside Down (Acts 15:36–16:10)

Today, Chad Sparks continues our study in the book of Acts. Luke tells us how they share the gospel in Philippi. A woman named Lydia and her entire household become followers of Christ and the first members of this latest church plant. Meanwhile, a girl possessed by a demon follows the gang around for days. […]

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