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Providence Church is a collection of people from many backgrounds, people like you. Are you a long-time follower of Jesus? Have you been religious but only recently started asking serious questions about your faith? Have you never been part of a church before? Come on in. Bring your bow tie or your tshirt. Your tattoos or your comb-over. It’s not the outside that counts. Whoever you are, Providence is a great place for you to connect with God, connect with others, and make a difference.


Ask anyone how they feel about their life. They might tell you things aren’t going… More

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Upside Down (Acts 24)

Paul finally meets with Felix, a Roman official and governor, only to have his verdict postponed. Later, Paul is summoned by Felix and his wife where he is invited to share the gospel. Paul chooses to give a sermon on righteousness, self-control, and future judgement. Why did Paul, given only one sermon to preach, choose […]

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