Small Group Questions Week 51

The Gospel of Matthew

Week 51 – The Messiah Arrives

Transition: We had completed chapter 20 in Matthew before taking a 4-week hiatus from the gospel in order to do the Advent series for Christmas. The last thing we covered was Jesus telling His followers a parable about the kingdom of heaven. It is commonly called ‘The Parable of the Laborers in the Vineyard.’ With this parable, Jesus taught that God’s economy is not like mankind’s typical economy. In short, God will have mercy and bestow grace on whomever He desires/chooses. It is not based on personal merit but strictly on His sovereign generosity.


This week we are studying a passage that is often called, ‘The Triumphal Entry,’ because it is when

Jesus presents Himself as Israel’s long-anticipated hope...the Messiah (Anointed), the king of Israel. There is not unanimity among the Jews when this happens, however, just as we would suspect considering the strong opposition that Jesus has already faced. But because this moment was captured many years earlier by a prophet who had foreseen this day, no honest or honorable Jew should have missed the significance of this event. They are all without excuse.

Opening Questions:

• When you think of the word king, what thoughts immediately spring to mind? What are some ways that the

world’s idea of a king and the Bible’s idea are similar? ...are different?

• Have you attended or witnessed a victory parade? If so, what was the event? Describe what the experience

was like for you. For what reasons/occasions do people typically throw victory parades?


Matthew 21:1-11

Discipleship Questions:

• In what ways do you see Jesus being proactive about His entrance into Jerusalem? Why do you think He is

proactive? How is Jesus being proactive in this situation influential for you being proactive in your faith?

• Matthew informs his readers that Jesus made the preparations for His entrance to fulfill a prophecy found in

Zechariah 9:9. Read Zechariah 9. What do you see in this chapter that gives a different impression than what

actually happened with Jesus? How do you explain Matthew limiting the view he takes?

• Most of the people in the crowd realize what is happening. Through the throwing down of their cloaks and

laying down branches from trees on the road that Jesus will be using, they prove their surrender to,

allegiance to, and honor of the king. Although we are not able to do the same exact thing today, in what

ways do we prove our surrender to, allegiance to, and honor of the king? What do you do personally? Is

there an area in your life in which you need to do this right now?

• The crowd proclaims some things as Jesus enters. What does the word Hosanna mean? (Google it if you

don’t know.) The crowd also quotes from Psalm 118. What else do you see in Psalm 118 that might pertain

to Jesus?

• The crowd is vocal about their belief that the Messiah has entered Jerusalem. Do you think Christians today

should be more vocal about their belief that the Messiah has come? If so, in what ways? Is it ever

inappropriate? If so, when? How do you discern when to speak up and when not to speak up?

• What do you do to keep from making the same mistake of those who did not trust in Jesus because they

were looking for the Messiah to come as a conquering king rather than a suffering servant?

Prayer time:

Pray that we will live or lives in surrender to, allegiance to, and honor of Jesus our King, and that it will be obvious by our speech and our actions.