Small Group Questions Week 50

The Gospel of Matthew

Week 50 – Is God Fair?


In last week’s passage, we witnessed Jesus uplift children by treating them with dignity (which was

not the norm of that day) and using them to help His followers better understand the kingdom of heaven. We

also saw how He handled the question of a wealthy young man who asked Him what he needed to do to have

eternal life. In dealing with this situation, Jesus not only gave the man an assignment that revealed his true heart

condition but also assured His followers that the benefits for following Him far outweighed what they had given



This week we are looking at a parable that Jesus told on the heels of last week’s passage, ‘The Parable

of the Laborers in the Vineyard.’ Humans are born with a strong sense of fairness/fair play. Unfortunately,

however, it is generally not fairness from God’s perspective, but from the individual’s limited (and self-centered)

point of view. Knowing this, and likewise knowing that humans take pride in their individual accomplishments,

Jesus revealed that entering the kingdom of heaven operated by a different economy...God’s sovereign


Opening Questions:

• Is there a time when you were treated unfairly? What happened? Share the story. What did you learn from it?

How did it shape you?

• Where do you see beliefs and practices based on fairness at play in our culture today? In what ways is it

good? In what ways is it not good?


Matthew 20:1-16

Discipleship Questions:

• Was there ever a time when you thought God was unfair? If so, share why. Do you still feel the same way? If

not, why? Regardless, discuss the reasons you’ve heard people give today for saying that God is unfair.

• Explain this parable in your own words. How does it naturally follow on the heels of what immediately

preceded it (in chapter 19)?

• How is this parable ‘the great equalizer’ (in regard to entering the kingdom of heaven)? (Consider comparing

the salvation stories of those in the group to demonstrate the point.)

• Think of a situation when someone might conclude that God is unfair. What would you say in response

(assuming it’s an amicable conversation)?

• In what other ways have you experienced the sovereign generosity of God in your life?

• Which is more inspirational to you and why...the sovereign generosity of God or the desire to be treated

fairly? What do you recommend to anyone (including yourself!) who seems to be more concerned with

fairness than God’s generosity in a particular moment/issue?

Prayer time:

Pray that we will humbly acknowledge and appreciate God’s sovereign generosity and that we will

look for ways to follow in His steps.