The Journey 2020

The Journey is where we’ll go through whole Bible, chronologically, together as a church family. Basically, we’ll have a few chapters to read throughout the week and then we’ll have an opportunity on Sunday morning to catch up on everything we’ve been reading.

To help you with your progress throughout the year, Providence will be offering the following resources.

Small Groups 👨‍👩‍👦

A small group gathering is the perfect environment to discuss what God has been revealing to you throughout your journey! Let us know if you’re not yet in a small group and we can find one that’s perfect for you or your whole family.

Reading Plans 📖

Starting on Sunday, January 29th, you’ll be able to pick up a 6×9″ reading plan that you’ll be able to keep in your Bible.

The plan will be printed on durable cardstock so you’ll be able to keep it with you — in your Bible, in your backpack, etc. — to track your progress all year long. And don’t worry, we’ll have extras for you and your friends in case you lose one!

We’ve also got a separate reading plan available for our children’s ministry. This one is broken up by month so kids and parents can work through the whole plan a little bit at a time!

Mobile App 📱

Around the beginning of the year, we’ll have an official Journey mobile app available to download from the App Store (iPhone and iPad) and Google Play (Android devices).

In addition to offering you easy access to the reading plan for 2020, the app will also feature:

  • an updated calendar of events;
  • push notifications for important announcements;
  • access to the audio from the Sunday morning message;
  • and more!

Newsletter 📨

To get updates on the availability of all of these resources in the next few weeks (and throughout the Journey), you can sign up for our newsletter. Just use the button below.

Tip: until the app goes live in the app stores, you may want to subscribe to the newsletter to get the daily readings delivered straight to you.