Make the Message Heard

Welcome to now: when technology affects everything we do. Not only is good visual and audio technology increasingly common in every area of life, it is used everywhere to get messages across. We have the best message in the universe: that Jesus died to save sinners. We have been blessed with some great ways of communicating that message, and one of them is through media – sound, lighting, video, staging, design, web programming, and more. To take it one step further, sometimes technology can be a means to create art that glorifies God by bringing beauty into the world. If any of this excites you, our media ministry may be the place for you to start serving.



Do you know about gain, compression, faders? Got an ear for a good mix? We’re always ready to meet folks with experience or interest in running sound for worship and special events.


Don’t have much experience but interested in learning? Help run cables, set up for services, and shadow a sound tech to serve and learn.


If you’re very experienced (you’ve worked as a professional the field of live sound), you may be able to share your knowledge by training media team members.


Camera Operator

Keep the faces on stage up on the screens. This is a simple and great way to get involved on the team.

Lyric Projection

The songs we sing in worship are all about participation – and that’s why we need great people running our presentation software and keeping the lyrics flowing. Run ProPresenter, displaying slides for worship and teaching as well as triggering video clips for projection.


Run the video switcher, keeping camera, slides, and video on screen at the right times.


Lighting Board

Adjust stage lighting levels and LED colors to emphasize what’s happening on stage during a service or other event.