Make it Feel Like Home

When someone visits a church for the first time, it can be intimidating. Whether someone returns might depend on whether they felt welcome. That’s where you come in. In some way, every member of Providence is in charge of making outsiders feel… well, not like outsiders. But when you serve on the First Impressions or Hospitality teams, you are the first line of friendliness. Your smile, your answer to a question, or your interest in someone’s well being can easily become a doorway for the love of Christ and the gospel. And just like Jesus welcomed all (especially those far from God), we do too.

First Impressions

Door Greeter

Be the first face someone might see, and the first voice they might hear, when they come to Providence on a Sunday. Hand out worship programs and be on the lookout for new faces.

Worship Center Greeter

Hand out worship programs, help people find a seat, and answer questions from newcomers.

Welcome Desk

Be the smiling face ready to show a new family where to take their kids, explain our Sunday schedule, or whatever may come along.


Coffee Counter

Coffee people know that sometimes, you just need that morning fuel. But even if it’s a decaf, a warm cup and a smile goes a long way toward making people feel at home. Make coffee, keep the counter stocked with cups, lids, and condiments.

Meal Preparation

Numerous Providence events require a light or full meal to make them complete. You can help provide meals for training classes, student events, marriage and family events, and more. If you’re a guy who’s good in the kitchen, you may want to check out our MANday night prep team.

Special Event Coordination

If you have a knack for bringing together multiple elements for events, there’s a place for you to turn it into ministry. Events on the Providence campus as well as outside events and outreach opportunities need people with your skills.