Providence Church — Acts Series

Ask anyone how they feel about their life.

They might tell you things aren’t going great, that they’re not feeling totally satisfied. Or they might just tell you they’ve got it under control, they have the world by the tail. Really though? If you’re honest, how does your public face jive with what’s going on underneath? How do you feel about your normal?

Most of us are thirsty for a change, whether we admit it or not; and so is the world around us. And that’s exactly what Jesus wants to do for you: he wants to disrupt your normal, for the better, and he wants to unleash you to disrupt your world for the better, too.

We’re currently embarking on a journey through the new testament book of Acts, where we see how Jesus shook up the lives of a few ordinary people and, through them, turned the world upside down. Come find out how the story of what Jesus continued to do in the early Christian community 2000 years ago has everything to do with how he wants to change the world today.