What We Do

A Sunday at Providence Church is full of life. From the fun games and Bible stories that engage our kids, to current and thoughtful music in our main service, we pack our Sundays with unique and meaningful ways to worship God together. We believe in the authority of God’s Word, and our sermon series usually take us all the way through a book of the Bible. And by the way, dress however you’re comfortable. Most of our ministries take place on Sunday morning, with a few spread out during the week. Scroll down for an overview of our ministries – what we do, and how you can experience Providence.


Whole books of the Bible, beginning to end, at a steady pace: that's how we usually do preaching at Providence. Right now, we’re digging into some challenging and headline-relevant stuff with the Gospel of Luke. Who is Jesus? Why should I care? What does he have to do with me?