Opening Prayer

Open with a short prayer.

“God, our Father, in Jeremiah 29:13, You promise that when we seek You with all of our heart we will find You. Help us tonight to learn more about You and draw closer to You through our time together.”

Opening Discussion

  • What are your thoughts on Easter?
  • Once you push past the rabbits and the eggs (whose idea was that anyway?), what is this event all about?
  • Why do churches care so much?

To understand Easter, we need to get some background. Who is Jesus? What is Palm Sunday? What is this whole thing with a donkey and branches?

Closing Discussion

  • What stood out to you in this video?
  • What was something that interested you?

[Read Genesis 3:15?]

  • Who is this “he” that God refers to?
  • What does God mean by “he shall bruise your head, and you shall bruise his heel“?

[Read Luke 3:23-38.] Before you do, please know that the names you are about read are hard to pronounce.

  • We see the theme of the Messiah continue out through the Scriptures. Did you see Abraham, David and Judah mentioned?
  • What does this make you realize as you can trace the line of Jesus all the way back to God’s promise in the garden?

The Tension

If you want to know God, look at Jesus. That can be hard with all of the misconceptions. One of the biggest hindrances from people putting their faith in God is they think they already know Him.

So now that we see that Jesus perfectly displays the image of God, what does that mean?

We now need to understand who God is. See you tomorrow.

Closing Prayer

Close with a short prayer — or give your spouse or small group the opportunity to pray.

“God, thank you for the hope that we have in Your Son. Thank You for sending Him to be our hero and save us from our sins. Thank you that Jesus completed His role as the Messiah and defeated sin and death on the cross.”