Opening Prayer

Parents: open with a short prayer.

“God, help us tonight to learn more about You and draw closer to You through our time together.”

Opening Questions

  • What is an image?
    • (Suggested answer: a picture in your mind or an idea of how something or someone actually is.)
  • What are some ways we see our own images displayed today?
    • (Suggested examples: pictures, paintings, mirrors, selfies, etc.)


Take a family selfie with a funny filter on it and post it on Instagram or Facebook with the hashtags #providencekids, #imageofGod, and #rootedinthefaith.


Parents, say: “in our video today, we are going to be talking about what it means to be made in the image of God.”

Closing Discussion

  • What was your favorite part of the video? 
  • Was there any part of the video that confused you?

[Open your bible and READ Genesis 1:26-27 together.]

  • How does verse 27 say God created man and woman?
    • “In His image.”
  • What did Adam and Eve do to distort their perfect image?
    • “They sinned.”
  • How have we distorted the image of God that we bear?
    • “Disobedience, disrespect, fighting with others, not sharing, treating others bad, lying, etc.”
  • As we saw on the video, when Jesus came to earth, He perfectly displayed the image of God the way God intended. How did Jesus display the image of God in the right way?
    • “He was a servant… and put the needs of others first.”
  • What are some examples of ways we can be more like Jesus and love others? 

Parents, say: “we were originally created in the image of God, but when we chose to sin, our image became distorted (think about a funny filter on your phone). Jesus, God’s own Son, the Messiah, came to earth to fix/restore our broken images and show us what it truly looks like to reflect God’s image in this world. #nofilter. We bear the image of a holy God… but what does it mean to be holy? Let’s find out tomorrow!

Closing Prayer

Parents, close with a short prayer — or give kids the opportunity to pray.

“God, thank you for making us in Your image and after Your likeness. Even though we live in a fallen world and we don’t always do a good job reflecting You to others, help us to be more like You.”