A Christmas for Everyone

We love Christmas at Providence, because Christmas is all about the love God has shown to us all by sending his Son to become like us. This year, we’ve been studying the gospel of Luke in Bible, and learning how he is a Jesus for everyone. (You can check out the series here.)

What does it mean that he’s a Jesus for everyone? It means there’s no category, no experience, no individual person Jesus didn’t come to love. He invites everyone to come to him, and those who follow him do the same. It’s the best news for the most broken people – all of us.

Christmas at Providence this year is a continuation of this theme – it’s A Christmas for Everyone. That means you. We invite you to join us on Sunday mornings at 9 and 11, and especially on Christmas Eve at 4 and 6pm. In about 45 minutes, we’ll have a lot of fun singing some great Christmas music and hearing about the love God shows us through Christmas.

– Christmas Eve, 4 and 6pm –

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